İngilizce Kelimeler - 4


  • Fur (keçe): The soft, thick hair that covers the skin of some animals.
    • Example sentence: The bear's fur was thick and warm.
  • Nest (yuva): A structure made by a bird or other animal to lay eggs and raise its young.
    • Example sentence: The birds built their nest in the tree.
  • Backlash (tepki): A strong negative reaction to something, especially a new policy or decision.
    • Example sentence: There was a backlash against the government's new education policy.
  • Instance (durum): A particular example of something.
    • Example sentence: In this instance, the cat was the one who was chasing the mouse.
  • Collision (çarpışma): The act of two or more things hitting each other with force.
    • Example sentence: There was a collision between two cars on the highway.
  • Sentence (cümle): A group of words that expresses a complete thought.
    • Example sentence: The sentence "The cat sat on the mat" is a simple sentence.
  • Envoy (elçi): A person sent by a government or organization to represent them in another place.
    • Example sentence: The president sent an envoy to the Middle East to try to negotiate a peace agreement.
  • Ease (kolaylık): The state of being free from difficulty or pain.
    • Example sentence: The doctor gave the patient a shot to ease the pain.
  • Blessing (kutsama): Something that is good or beneficial.
    • Example sentence: The couple considered their new baby a blessing.
  • Unintentionally (istemeden): Without intending to do something.
    • Example sentence: I unintentionally stepped on her foot.
  • Divert (yönlendirmek): To cause something to change direction.
    • Example sentence: The police diverted traffic away from the accident scene.
  • Unmanned (insansız): Not controlled or operated by humans.
    • Example sentence: The drone was an unmanned aerial vehicle.
  • Propeller (pervane): A rotating device with blades that moves an object through the air or water.
    • Example sentence: The propeller on the boat helped it move through the water.
  • Encounter (karşılaşma): The act of meeting someone or something by chance.
    • Example sentence: The two friends had a chance encounter at the grocery store.
  • Cuisine (mutfağı): The style of cooking and the dishes associated with a particular country or region.
    • Example sentence: The French cuisine is known for its rich flavors and sauces.
  • Thick (kalın): Having a relatively large distance from one side to the other.
    • Example sentence: The fog was thick and made it difficult to see.
  • Confide (güvenmek): To tell someone something secret or private.
    • Example sentence: She confided in her friend about her problems.


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